Thursday, November 29, 2007

What Do You Call...?

...a pharmacy that requires* four telephone calls - two from the oncologist and two from the patient - to take a prescription of vital life-giving, cancer-killing chemotherapy drugs that instead refills two other prescriptions and then when it finally fills the correct prescription shorts the patient 10 of the pills providing the vital life-giving, cancer-kiling chemotherapy with the pharmacist's apology that "I never ordered this drug before. You'll have to come back tomorrow."?

Answer: The CVS in Linwood Square on East 10th Street in Indianapolis.

Even if I have to feed a parking meter in downtown Indianapolis, I'm going back to the CVS at 175 N. Illinois where I am confident of the competence of the pharmacist...and he seems like a nice guy, too.

* It's not literally a requirement, but that's how many calls it took.

Editor's Note: I usually try to keep my updates positive and upbeat, but this just really pissed me off and I had to vent. Now I feel better. Onward!

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Carl said...

You are such a freakin' whiner. You know there are lots of people who are way worse off th...anyway you're a whiner.