Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's a Bourbon!

Accompanied by my two sons, I finally made the trek to the Maker's Mark distillery in Loretto, Ky., on Monday, June 23. I have been a Maker's Mark Ambassador for several years now and was among the first to have my name engraved on a barrel some six years ago. My barrel, along with 149 others, finally matured and were ready to come home. Each Ambassador in this inaugural batch was given the opportunity to purchase two bottles during the months of April through June. My time was running out and I'd be damned if some toothless hillbilly was going to get his grubby paws on what was rightfully mine.

Here I be at the start of the distillery tour. Maker's Mark makes a big fuss over Ambassadors with all sorts of fanfare. There were four of us on the tour. Of the four of us, there was one other dude like me who was there to pick up his babies.

The tour would not be complete without a visit to the tasting room. You get to sample Maker's Mark in two forms...in its infancy which is referred to as "White Dog." It smells and tastes like corn. Yuck.

The second snifter has a taste of the good stuff. Good for what ails ya.

The proud father...the only thing missing now are the wax bonnets.

After expertly dipping my bottles in the molten hot wax, I carefully applied the finishing touch: a date stamp on the top of the bottle. Only Ambassadors are allowed this sacred privilege.

The Harper lads, Dale (left) and Jace, pose proudly at the entrance to the Maker's Mark Visitors Center. The boys gladly endured the six-hour round trip drive to share this special moment with their pop.


Clyde said...

I've never been to the Maker's Mark distillery, though my son lives in Lexington. I will not make sure it is on my "Things To Do" map and be sure to throw your name around while tasting extensively at the end of the tour. Maybe they'll let me risk major epidermal holocaust by letting me brand a few bottles. Also, Dale needs a haircut.

Clyde said...

I meant to say I WILL make sure it is on my Things to Do Map.....to the uninitiated, one would think I'd already been in the tasting room.

Jill said...

I'm sure you're saving those sacred bottles for the boys' 21st birthdays...right?

Guenveur in Kent said...

But what the hell is an Ambassador amyway? How did you get to be one? Were you appointed by the president of Kentucky? Did you endow a field of corn? Did you pass out in a puddle of Maker's Mark somewhere?
Wine drinkers like me want to know.

Rebecca's Bat Mitzvah said...
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SallyB said...

Mmmmmmmmm! Maker's Mark! I first tried it when a bunch of us got caught in an extremely dangerous storm while camping in Pennsylvania a number of years ago. The lightning was hitting so close that I could smell the ozone and my tent was busy flooding and collapsing around me from the wind having blown over the supports that held it up. My friend Gary heard me screaming for help and came out in the teeth of the storm and rescued me and took me to a friend's rented canvas pavilion tent (21' x 14') that was big, sturdy, warm and dry. My friend Mike, a Kentucky native who had rented said tent, plied me with Maker's Mark to calm me down, and I became an immediate fan of the stuff on the spot. Lucky you, Cuz, to be an "Ambassador", whatever that is!

Charles said...

Hey dude! That sounds like FUN! I'm so glad you are doing so great and sure hope to buy you a drink in ATL?