Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Ed and Joan Harper on their wedding day - Dec. 19, 1959 - in Columbus, Ohio

Hats off to Ma and Pa Harper on the occasion of their 49th wedding anniversary! Although separated by great distance, my brothers and I treated our parents to a lavish dinner last night at one of Oklahoma City's finest eateries. All the red meat they could handle! Thanks for modeling the way for nearly half a century!



Guenveur in Kent said...

Is my baby brother cute, or what? Good grief, that means they are heading for the big 50th next year.

SallyB said...

Uncle Ed looks EXACTLY like the young Sid Harper in this photo. Yep, a real, genuine Harper, and a GQ gorgeous young man at that! He's still good looking at age - what, 72?