Monday, October 6, 2008

Check Out the Big Brain on Terry!

There were more than 3,000 images on the MRI from September 25, 2008, and I'll be damned if I could find one that shows what is going on in my grey matter. I do know, however, that left is right and right is left so any bad stuff would be showing up on the left side of the above image. I'll keep looking and post another image if I can find one that shows anything interesting.

I underwent my pre-operative Stealth MRI today, along with an EKG, with a bit of phlebotomy thrown in for good measure (four tubes worth!). The doctor wants me to have two units of my own blood on hand for the surgery which will require a couple of trips to the blood bank to harvest before next Thursday's scheduled surgery. Fortunately, one of the big blood banks in Indianapolis is only a few blocks from my office so I can stop by during lunch. Whee! Maybe I'll get a cookie and juice, too!

T minus 10 days and counting!


mim said...

My dau.(also attended OSU)has brain ca. Post-op on Temodar and seizure meds. Got preg.on treatment(this after a son and twin girls via in-vitro,so they didn't think it could happen!)refused to abort, so now a little guy w/spina bifida. Still,he blesses our lives.Thoughts and prayers to you and we will watch your experience with hope.You sound very strong and in control of your situation.Stay that way.

Paige said...

Your brain is smiling at me :) I swear that's what it looks like. Take care and go Cowboys (Dallas that is).