Friday, October 17, 2008

A Quick Update

Greetings! I just wanted to let everyone know that the surgery went very well and Dr. Shapiro is confident that he got all of the recurrent tumor there was to get. At least all that the eye and the stealth MRI could see.

The entire procedure, from the time I walked back to the operating room until they wheeled me into recovery lasted about four hours although the surgery itself lasted about two hours.

Following last July's surgery, I felt like a Zombie for about a day, but not this time. I feel just great. After being untethered from IVs, catheters, etc. this morning, I have been strolling around the hospital looking for something to do. I was calling friends this morning at 4 a.m., sending texts and E-mails. Thanks for answering the phone, my friends!

The only discomfort this time around has been in the area where they cut me open, but the pain medication I am provided is superb. First, it's a direct injection of fentanyl that takes the edge off immediately. Percocet follows which kicks in about 20 minutes later and I am flying.

I requested - and received - sutures this time around so I have to wear a goofy headdress until tomorrow morning. Initially, I had an outer covering that fastened under my chin that only increased the goofiness factor, but that came off earlier today.

While staples may be quicker and more convenient for those doing the operating, having them removed was the most painful part of the whole ordeal last year. It was the only time my eyes watered. Bone, skin, staples and a pair of pliers are not for me.

I have spent very little time in bed because I just feel like I need to be moving around. Lee Ann has been with me most of the day and the boys came by for a visit this afternoon, along with Lee Ann's sister, Heather, who came over from Lebanon, Ohio. Two of my co-workers, Joe Skeel and Chris Vachon, also stopped by for a visit this afternoon.

Dr. Shapiro tells me I can go home in the morning so I am looking forward to that with great relish.

Dale, who plays football for Arsenal Tech High School, has his final regular game this evening. It's homecoming against Broad Ripple and if Tech wins, they will share the IPSAC conference title with Brad Ripple and Arlington High School. I am told that Tech has not won a conference title in decades so this is big stuff in our household. Lee Ann and Jace will be there to cheer the team on. I will be eagerly awaiting text updates!

My friend, John Mead, just arrived for a visit so I will "talk" to you again soon!



Julie said...

So good to get your update and hear your good news. I've been thinking about you and praying regularly since yesterday.

While you're home you should get a season or two of "House" to check out while you're hanging out there. I love that show!

Be Good,

Kara Matuszewski Sassone said...

Hi Terry!
So happy to hear you're doing so well. And happy to hear you'll be home soon. I've been thinking about you and your family a lot in the past few days and will continue to do so.
All my best from the great white north,
Kara Matuszewski Sassone

Jill said...

Hi Terry,

We're very happy to hear that you're doing so well! Only you would be updating your blog right after having your melon cracked open. Any photos of the goofy headwrap?

I second the suggestion on House. Love that guy!

Mend well,

SallyB said...

Woo-Hoo! This is indeed good news and you sound in terrific spirits! Now, when you get home, you need to rent a bunch of really funny movies and laugh your way through your recovery. It works. Really! (It's been scientifically proven, so it's not just me talkin' here, cousin!)

So when are we going to get to see pictures? Any photos of you in the head thing you described? (did they have to shave that gorgeous pate I've seen in all of your Facebook photos?) Stay strong and know that you are much loved, Favorite Cousin, by the entire Harper clan. We're behind you 100% on this thing, y'know!

cousin Sally

Strude86 said...

I'm glad to hear you're on your feet and getting set to point those feets out the door, Terry.

Be well.

David McDonald

Alpha said...

It is so good to hear how well things went and how fast you are feeling ok. I expected to see some notes about your progress but it was really amazing to find you were personally blogging away less than 24 Hours after brain surgery. Let us know what you will be up for once you get home to keep you occupied and relaxed (books, movies, board games, in-home candle parties...whatever).


brooke said...

bravo, sir! great news to hear.


Koretzky said...

So the surgery was a breeze...I just knew this was a ploy for a five-week vacation.

So glad you're doing well. Enjoy the painkillers. You've earned them.

-- Koretzky

Russ said...

Its great to hear that it went well!

To pass the time at home, you might want to check out I particularly recommend the Arrested Development tv series. Funny stuff.


Dana Blozis, Virtually Yourz said...

The Western Washington Pro Chapter of SPJ is following your progress. We're so glad that the surgery went well and that you are feeling spunky already. Keep it up - we'll put you to work sooner rather than later!


Dana Blozis
Western Washington Pro Chapter

John D. ... said...

good stuff, Terry. Rest well this week - and stay away from network news. It'll just get your dander up.

pdavis said...

Thanks for the advance warning about staples. When/if my time comes for skull restoration I shall remember. You have a universe of caring people out here so please keep us informed.

Paul Davis

Amy Green said...

Hi Terry, I'm so glad things are going well. Amy

christinetatum said...


OK, so Julie recommends, "House," and I recommend the first season of "Damages." It's a great show that is totally warped ... You'll love it. :)

Continue to keep us posted. Love your updates.

Alexa said...

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